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American Letters

Competitive Field Marching Show

This show tells the story of a father drafted for war and his family's sacrifices during his service. Set during the World War 2 era, this show honors not only the American soldier, but also the Military Family. Movements include "Tribute to the American Soldier", "Tribute to the American Woman", and "Tribute to the Military Family".

Solos are written optional for multiple different instruments for your ease and available instrumentation.


Delivery of all marching band shows are made via PDF download to the email provided at checkout. 


Winds Only Score
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American Letters
American Letters

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American Letters
American Letters

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American Letters Intro Score Preview
American Letters- Intro
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Movement 1 Score Preview
American Letters- Part 1
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Movement 2 Score Preview
Letters- Part 2
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American Letters- Part 3
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Product Description

American Letters

Grade 3

Designed and composed by Jonathan T. Martin.

Full Show Pricing Includes:

  • Unlimited copies of scores and parts

  • Video Recording Rights

  • Full Percussion and Winds Score

Optional Services and Products

Drill Design Available. Contact us for more information.

Electronic sound design available. Includes "Mainstage" concert of sounds for show. Contact for more information.

Show Flags and Color Guard Costume dry sketches available upon request. All product sketches are made possible through a third party organization (ex. Band Shoppe, Digital Performance Gear, Etc.). Jonathan Martin Music cannot guarantee the availability of these items through their distributors.

Customization of any show can be purchased for an additional fee of $50/hour. Cost can be added onto your show purchase or contact us to add customization after your initial show purchase.

Customization Can Include:

  • Changing Solos

  • Reducing Number of Parts

  • Adding or Changing "Doublings"

  • Simplifying or "beefing up" any parts

  • Cuts of written material


Q: Can I pay with a purchase order?

A: Yes. Fill out the "Request Invoice" form at the top of this page. Input all necessary information, including your P.O. number and we will invoice you. Orders placed with a purchase order number will be delivered immediately after P.O. number is received!


Q: My budget doesn't renew until the beginning of next school year. Can you be flexible with the payment date?

A: We understand that different districts have different budget calendars. We are happy to work with you and wait to bill your account until a specific date if previous arrangements are made. Please reach out to to arrange for an "Intent to Purchase Contract" to be signed by your building principal or band booster president (whoever will approve payment) and we will begin the process of sending you the score and parts for your students as soon as we receive the contract back.

Q: Can I pay my invoice with a credit/debit card?

A: We are happy to accept any major credit/debit card at a 3% processing fee on top of the invoice total. Invoices may also be paid with a check to avoid the 3% added fee to the invoice.


Q: Can I get printed originals of my music purchase?

A: Yes. We are proud to offer high quality, professionally printed, scores and parts for our clients for an additional fee of $20. Please choose "Printed Score & Parts Add-on" on the "Request Invoice" form. Currently we do not have a way to add score prints to the direct checkout. This must be added during the invoice process. Thank you for your understanding.

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