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Music to make your program Stronger!

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A New Approach to Music Publication

At Jonathan Martin Music, we understand that just like your students all learn differently, different music programs need different kinds of resources in order to thrive. We strive to bring you great quality music that not only challenges your students, but enables them to succeed. We offer music and shows with widely different instrumentation for ensembles of differing sizes and experience levels.

Great Educators Need Great Tools

We believe that behind every successful educator is a tremendous amount of knowledge of the content area they are teaching. At Jonathan Martin Music, we have spent an immense amount of time crafting our music and shows so you can spend more time teaching and creating, and less time editing or communicating with designers. We have taken all the hassle out of mounting a marching show by providing you with detailed story boards, specific design elements, and prop ideas for each show. Most of these services would cost hundreds of dollars if hiring a visual designer; we offer many of them for FREE with your purchase.

Additionally, we offer an extensive amount of add-ons to every show purchase. Marching Drill can be purchased for all Marching Band and Indoor Shows, and each can be customized to fit your ensemble.

Additional Edits can be purchased for each show as well, to tailor the show to your specific ensemble. See the individual show pages for pricing and more information on these add-ons. We truly strive to be a "one-stop" for all your musical and artistic design needs and to provide and uphold the highest quality of product and service for your modern marching ensemble.

Here's to your best season yet!


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