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Private Music Lessons that come to you!

There are "musicians who teach" and there are music educators.

There's a real difference.

Choosing a private music teacher is an important decision. If you're looking for an encouraging professional who will challenge you to achieve your musical goals, let's talk!

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Image by Lucas Alexander
Whether you're a beginner, a living-working professional, or are somewhere in between,





Jonathan's vast experience gives him unique perspective across multiple genres and art forms.



30 Minute
In-Person Lesson

Jonathan will come to you!*

4 Lessons a month


  • Weekly Lesson in your home

  • Four 30-Minute lessons a month

  • Kind & Professional Teaching Environment

  • Complimentary practice track and accompaniment/audition recordings


Multiple sibling discount available.

*Home address more than 15 miles from Nashville city center may incur additional mileage charges.

Bethany - Performer & Mother of Son (age 15)

Jonathan Martin is an accomplished pianist and accompanist. One of his true talents is an innate sense of what the overall outcome of a piece should sound like and how to translate that into a language that those rehearsing can grasp. It is amazing what he can teach from a new piece of sheet music in just under an hour! I am in awe of not only his impeccable timing but also his spirit and upbeat confidence that his vision will be exceeded. Pure positivity in motion!


Q: Do you offer recitals?

A: Recitals are offered at the end of each Fall & Spring semester. Students are encouraged to perform at each recital. In lieu of a "Recital Fee", the semester recital will take the place of the normal weekly lesson.

Q: At what age can students start lessons?

A: Starting age of the student depends on the instrument. For Piano and Voice, students should at the very least be able to read their A,B,C's left to right and maintain attention for the full 30 minutes. For Band Instruments, students should be at least 11 years old, or entering the 5th grade. Songwriting/composition students should be able to play at least one other instrument before beginning instruction.

Q: Do you offer hour-long lessons?

A: It's my philosophy that hour long lessons are most beneficial for students preparing for a college audition, All-District/State audition, or professionals who are on a truncated timeline of preparation. If you wish to schedule a 60-minute lesson, please reach out to Jonathan to discuss details.

Q: What books are required for lessons?

Method books are chosen specifically based on best suited resources for each student. Below are a few examples of what you can expect to purchase for your lesson. Please do not purchase books before first consulting with Jonathan.

All Piano students will need:


*If a student has began study of music utilizing a different method text, Jonathan can teach from a different method as to not disrupt any progress already started.

Studio Policies


Refunds are not given for cancelled lessons. Lessons cancelled at least 24 hours in advance can be rescheduled at the availability of the teacher. Same-day cancellations will not be eligible for a make-up lesson. Exceptions are made for unforeseen emergencies.

Monthly Schedule

4 lessons are offered each month. For months with 5 weeks, the 5th week will be utilized to make-up missed lessons due to student cancellations or Holidays.


Monthly payment is due at the first lesson of the month. Payment can be made via check at the lesson or can be charged automatically to a debit card or bank account if you so choose.

Minor Student Policy

Students age 17 and under must be accompanied by a legal guardian in the home during the lesson time. Student safety is my number one priority.

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