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Indoor Percussion Shows

Jonathan Martin Music offers a catalog of original Winter Percussion shows for your upcoming indoor season. Custom writing services for Marching Percussion are also available.

The Hands That Move Time.png

The Hands That Move Time

Designed and Composed by Jonathan T. Martin

"Do you number your days? Do you know how important each day is?"

Venture into this provoking winter percussion show written especially for younger student performers or for ensembles just venturing into the Winter Percussion activity. With features for each section as well as visual ensemble design, this show could be the one you've been searching for!

Until The Last.png

Until The Last

Designed and Composed by Lewis S. Renegar

For everyone, there's a last moment, but no one will ever know when that moment will arrive. There's a point to life that we miss. The point of the fact that we'll never know when our last breath, our last memory, and our last everything will come to an end. It forces us to admire every moment we have. Until the last arrives, it's ours to cherish, and only ours. And not just after the last heart beat, but even beyond."

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