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All Original shows for the Field

Jonathan's original collection of marching band field shows, available only through Jonathan Martin Music. Preview the music below and find the right show for your ensemble.


All Original, Performance Ready

American Letters final box 2.png

American Letters (Grade 3)

Designed and Arranged by Jonathan T. Martin

"American Letters" was written to honor the armed service men, women, and families in our communities. With familiar service songs weaved throughout this original work, it's sure to be not only a crowd pleaser, but a quick crowd favorite at any home game or marching festival.

Beyond The Chain Link (Grade 2)

Designed and Composed by Jonathan T. Martin

Percussion by Lewis S. Renegar

"Beyond the Chain Link" is the classic "The Grass is Always Greener" story.  This concept show has endless opportunities for visuals and props and has optional narration to tie the show movements together. Add the students to this outstanding show and you'll be set for an amazing season!

Chain Link final box 2.png
Escape from Alcatraz Box.png

Escape From Alcatraz (Grade 1)

Designed and Composed by Jonathan T. Martin

We're all intrigued by a good mystery. "Escape From Alcatraz" appeals to the mystery fanatic inside all of us. This show is the perfect mix of "mystery" and "excitement", packaged in an achievable show for young and small ensembles. The show is musically cohesive with or without the provided narration, and offers countless opportunities for visual and musical effect throughout.

Home (Grade 1)

Designed and Arranged by Jonathan T. Martin

"HOME" is a celebration of the things that make us feel like we're home. Weaving ideas of innovation and tradition into a well thought-out design revolving around "HOME", this show will honor your home crowd and wow judges!


In The Hall Box.png

In The Hall (Grade 2)

Designed and Composed by Jonathan T. Martin

"In The Hall" is a collection of musical moments revolving around hall or hallway themes. Including music by Grieg, Pentatonix, and The Script, Jonathan melds his original music together with well known themes to create a concept show that is wide open for design interpretation by your group.


Joy BOX Design.png

Joy (Grade 1)

Designed and Arranged by Jonathan T. Martin

"Joy" is a celebration of things that bring us (you guessed it) JOY! Through a collection of public domain songs centered around Joy including Joy to the World, Ode to Joy, and Jupiter (bringer of Jollity), Jonathan has created a show that will be recognizable by your listeners without the need for additional licensing. 

Mission Apollo final box 2.png

Mission Apollo (Grade 1)

Designed and Composed by Jonathan T. Martin

"Mission Apollo" is an addition to our newest series of Grade 1 Marching band shows. Mission Apollo explores the very first NASA spaceship launch (the Apollo Mission) from its launch on earth to its arrival on the moon. With unforgettable quotes from the mission's captain, Neil Armstrong, your audience won't soon forget this show.

STARS final box 2.png

Stars (Grade 1)

Designed and Composed by Jonathan T. Martin

"Stars" is a riveting show from beginning to end! With strong melodic material forming this three movement show cohesively together, the show is not only a great educational tool for students, but also an exciting show for any occasion. Jonathan's integration of storytelling sound FX with his exhilarating score make for a general effect packed show for any band!

SHAPES final box 2.png

Shapes! (Grade 3)

Designed and Composed by Jonathan T. Martin

"Shapes!" is an exploration into the ordinary objects of our every day lives. With 3 movements appropriately entitled "Squares, Triangles, & Circles", the music of this show complements the visual elements provided. A great crowd pleaser for any contest or Friday night football game!

Hungry Caterpillar Box Design.png

The Very Hungry Caterpillar (Grade 1)

Designed and Composed by Jonathan T. Martin

"The Very Hungry Caterpillarfollows a caterpillar's journey from birth through emergence from the chrysalis into a beautiful butterfly. This story show is simplistic in design, but full of memorable musical moments and scored as a true Grade 1 selection with no dotted rhythms and achievable ranges for all instruments. This memorable show is a great programming selection for small bands and young groups alike!

Walls final box 2 (1).png

Walls (Grade 1)

Designed and Composed by Jonathan T. Martin

"Walls" is a fantastic musical production from our Grade 1 Young Band Series. The concept is easy for members to grasp hold of and perform but is also memorable for audience members. Integration of props and visuals is easy as the show has been left open ended for any design team to take hold of and run with!

More Music

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