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Joy! (Grade 1)

Designed and Composed by Jonathan T. Martin

"Joy!" is a show that needs no explanation! A collection of well known melodies such as "Ode to Joy" and "Joy to the World" accompanied by original melodies round out this memorable work for bands. If you're looking for a show that integrates music that your audience will know without licensing fees, preview "Joy!" today!

Mission Apollo final box 2.png

Mission Apollo (Grade 1.5)

Designed and Composed by Jonathan T. Martin

"Mission Apollo" explores the first NASA Moon Mission from its launch from earth until it's landing on the moon. It follows the crew chief, Neil Armstrong, and integrates many of his popular quotes including "Houston, the Eagle has landed" and "One small step for man, one giant leap for man-kind".

"Stars" is a riveting show from beginning to end! With strong melodic material forming this three movement show cohesively together, the show is not only a great educational tool for students, but also an exciting show for any occasion. Jonathan's integration of storytelling sound FX with his exhilarating score make for a general effect packed show for any band!

Designed and Composed by Jonathan T. Martin

Stars (Grade 1.5)

The Very Hungry Caterpillar (Grade 1)

Hungry Caterpillar LOGO.png

Designed and Composed by Jonathan T. Martin

"The Very Hungry Caterpillar" follows a caterpillar's journey from birth through emergence from the chrysalis into a beautiful butterfly. This story show is simplistic in design, but full of memorable musical moments and scored as a true Grade 1 selection with no dotted rhythms and achievable ranges for all instruments. This memorable show is a great programming selection for small bands and young groups alike!

Walls final box 2 (1).png

Walls (Grade 1)

Designed and Composed by Jonathan T. Martin

"Walls" is a fantastic musical production from our Grade 1 Young Band Series. The concept is easy for members to grasp hold of and perform but is also memorable for audience members. Integration of props and visuals is easy as the show has been left open ended for any design team to take hold of and run with!

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