Product Delivery and Usage


When you buy from Jonathan Martin Music, you are not only buying the sheet music, but also the rights to print and perform that music. Once your order is placed, your music will be delivered to the email that you provided during the purchase process within 1-3 business days. If you do not receive your order within 1-3 business days, please contact

Included in your email will be a PDF file with both a full score and individual parts included in one document. Also in your email will be a PDF form confirming your purchase and signifying that your copies are considered "Originals". It is recommended that you carry this official form with you anytime your ensemble is performing.

*Should you for any reason need us to provide you an original score at any time after purchase, please contact us for an order form and pricing.

Why is there an expiration on my performance license?

On all of our competition shows, there is an expiration date as to when you are able to perform that music and make copies of that show's sheet music. What this does is it allows us to offer the show to more ensembles year after year. This allows us to keep the prices on our shows as some of the lowest amongst the marching arts community.

Your purchase of Marching Band Music allows you to make unlimited copies of the score and individual parts and to perform the music for up to one calendar year after your purchase.

Your purchase of Indoor Percussion Music allows you to make unlimited copies of the score and individual parts and to perform the show for up to one calendar year after your purchase. 


What if I want to perform a show again a few years down the road with another ensemble?

If you plan to perform a show with a second ensemble, you will need to purchase a second "Performance License". In order to do this, please contact

Custom Music:

With all commissioned works, you pay for a fully custom show written specifically for your ensemble. With any commissioned works, you determine the window of your performance license. Your license is still valid for one year from the issued date, but you hold the right to determine when that date starts. This gives you the ability to commission your work at any time during the pervious season and set the dates that you wish to keep performance rights. After your performance license expires, Jonathan Martin Music reserves the right to resell the commissioned work to other ensembles.

Other Performance Rights That Come With The Purchase of Music

Your purchase entitles you to certain performance rights outlined below:

  1. Video Recording Permission Contract. (Available upon request) More and more, it is becoming an issue to film ​​your ensemble's musical performance for fear of legal repercussions. With your purchase of a Jonathan Martin Music Product- this is not an issue. We can email you a Video Recording Contract that outlines your right to film your production and share it with your staff and students for educational purposes as long as your performance license is still valid.

  2. Unlimited Copies. (Available on all sheet music purchases) All sheet music purchases come with the right for you to make unlimited copies of your music. No more wrestling to keep all the originals in one pile- print as many copies as you need and then go back and print more later. If you need a letter proving your music copies as "originals", please contact


FAQs & Delivery Info