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Midnight Moments (Grade 2)

Download the score and parts HERE!

Midnight Moments is an original work for concert band. The work is simplistic and attainable by developing musicians, but also strikingly expressive. Paradoxical in a way: reflective of the serenity found in the calmness of the midnight hours, there is still a power found in the utter silence and simplicity. The title “Midnight Moments” reflects this feeling of serenity, a respect for the minimalistic and an acknowledgment that human connection is much more simplistic than we give it credit. Bursting forth onto the canvas of silence, Midnight Moments is a musical response to the power of that simplicity. Music and its power changes us. It is my hope that through simplicity and respect for music, we gain a greater understanding of ourselves and each other.

Several soloists are utilized in the work, the major soloist being the solo clarinet in which the first melody makes its appearance. The piece utilizes multiple time signature changes and manipulates the downbeat through the movement of the main theme throughout the ensemble, making what appear to be simplistic rhythmic ideas more challenging when played as an ensemble.

About the Work
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