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Marching Music to Make Your Program Stronger

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It's the most WONDERFUL time of the year!

(Marching band season, of course!!)


Here's to your BEST SEASON YET!

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Marching Band MUST be first and foremost a tool for Music Education.

Our team is more than just a group of designers. We're more than a group of performers. We are educators just like you. There are a lot of "marching arts designers" out there that don't really understand your music classroom or your students, but we do. We're dedicated day in and day out to serving educators and students through Music Education first and foremost.

Music Educators deserve the absolute BEST resources to help their students succeed.

Most educational publishers are still doing business like they did 30 years ago. Our approach is different. Our guiding vision asks "What serves educators best today?" -not- "How do we adapt something that ONCE worked". There's a big difference.

A thriving Music Education program must offer students a superior Marching Band experience.

We are passionate about the Marching Arts Activity because we believe it changes lives! Through our partnerships with cutting edge industry partners and by creating innovative resources ourselves, we truly believe it when we say the BEST is yet to come.

Music educators need and deserve more than JUST a marching arts designer.


Let's face it, there are a TON of marching arts designers/arrangers out there- and many of them do an excellent job creating "marching arts productions". However, if that's ALL your designer does you are left under-served. We are a team of real educators who devoted time to pursue education degrees, learn the craft of marching arts arranging, and STILL spend time with students in the classroom. You don't get more REAL than that.

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