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Until The Last

Indoor Drumline Show

NEW to the Lewis Renegar Collection:

Until The Last

For everyone, there's a last moment, but no one will ever know when that moment will arrive. Is there a point to life that we miss? The fact that we'll never know when our last breath, our last memory, and our last everything will come to an end... it forces us to admire every moment we have. Until the last arrives, it's ours to cherish, and only ours. Not just after the last heart beat, but even beyond.

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Product Description

Until The Last

Class A (Grade 3+)

Designed and composed by Lewis S. Renegar

Additional Design by Jonathan T. Martin

Pricing Includes:

  • Unlimited copies of scores and parts

  • Video Recording Rights

  • Full Front Ensemble and Battery Score/Parts

Optional Services and Products

Drill Design Available. Contact us for more information.

Sound FX Package (MP3 files for show) Available

These MP3 files of the narration used in our stock recordings are great for you to use in your performance. Delivered electronically so you can have them the day that you purchase them.

Customization of any show can be purchased for an additional fee of $50/hour. Cost can be added onto your show purchase or contact us to add customization after your initial show purchase.

Customization Can Include:

  • Changing Solos

  • Reducing Number of Parts

  • Adding or Changing "Doublings"

  • Simplifying or "beefing up" any parts

  • Cuts of written material

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