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Custom Music Works from Jonathan Martin Music

"I'm Impressed with the final draft of the show! I thought, "How could it get any better?" and you outdid yourself!"

-Philip Thomas; Director of Bands Galena HS

Thanks! We will be in contact with you shortly!

  1. Do you have an outstanding idea for a marching band or indoor show?

  2. Does your ensemble have unbalanced instrumentation that isn't showcased well in stock music?

  3. Are you looking to raise the quality and standard of performance in your ensemble?

If you answered YES to any of the above- a custom written show from Jonathan Martin Music could be the answer you're looking for!

It's a Simple process!

Only the following is needed:

  1. Your Show Concept

  2. Your Instrumentation, Grade Level Difficulty, and/or Soloist Instruments

  3. Your Approval of the Final Product!

It's Written JUST for you!

Your show will never be sold to another ensemble until your performance license expires. Samples are provided regularly to you and include a full score and a listening MP3 for you to approve before the show is finalized.  For more info on your performance license and more FAQ's, click here.

It's affordable!

Your next custom show could cost as little as what you paid for last year's stock show music! As a special incentive from Jonathan Martin Music, your first custom show order will only cost you what last year's stock show music cost your ensemble!*

It's a short process!

It's not too late! Turnaround from concept confirmation to final product ranges depending on different factors of the show. You could still have a fully custom show in time for your first Fall or Indoor season rehearsal.


Unsure of your own concept ideas? I would be glad to work with you to get a concept formed and a show ready!








*Promotion is only valid for first work commissioned from Jonathan Martin Music.
Proof of Stock Music Purchase is required to receive discount.

Stock shows purchased from Jonathan Martin Music are not eligible for this promotion.

Get in contact with me today. Have all your questions answered without any commitment.

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