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5 Part Pep Band


Say Goodbye to Instrumentation issues with this groundbreaking musical resource for Pep Bands!

Music To Make Your Program Stronger


So you have 3 solid Trumpets, a loyal Alto Sax Player, and 2 outstanding Trombone players for tonight’s game, but no Tuba Player. Sound familiar to you?

Tired of wrestling with instrumentation issues?  Having experience with smaller ensembles, I began to notice the frustration that sometimes came with trying to fill every part to play pep music. It came to my attention that missing a crucial part would handicap and sometimes even shut down the entire ensemble. That’s why I developed the “5 Part Pep Band” Series. Music in this series simplifies all the winds into 5 parts that are transposed into every instrument’s range. This makes it possible for your band to play not matter whether you have 5 players or 50. You have control over which part your players cover and this allows your 3 trumpets, 2 trombones  and Alto Sax player to cover every part necessary to perform at tonight’s game.

How Does It Work?

As the name implies, each pep tune is arranged for 5 parts. These parts are all printed in a score style in each instrument's range and correct transposition. This allows each of those players to quickly switch back and forth between parts. You choose whether your trumpet players play part 1 or part 5.This also allows you to make sure that stronger players have the melody in part 1. Although the series is written keeping small ensembles in mind- it is just as useful for full bands as it is to smaller ensembles. Below is the ideal instrumentation for the series if you have a full band: 

Part 1: Flutes, 1 Clarinets, 1 Trumpets

Part 2: 2nd Clarinet, 2 Trumpet

Part 3: Alto Sax, F Horn

Part 4: Trombone, Tenor Sax

Part 5: Tuba, Bass Clarinet, Electric Bass

The series would be great for small brass or woodwind ensembles looking to play tunes as 5 of one instrument could cover every part. PLEASE NOTE: Although all 5 parts are written for  each instrument, there are some limitations to what should be required from your players. For instance, a flute player should never be tasked with carrying part 5 unless it's an all woodwind ensemble, and even at that- perhaps a clarinet or saxophone would be better suited to handle part 5...? The same goes for asking a tuba to carry the melody in part 1. It's possible- but it's not intended and probably won't turn out very well.

Happy Playing!

5 Part Pep Band Full Collection

Arr. Jonathan T. Martin



-Coming Soon!

5 Part Pep Band Full Collection

Arr. Jonathan T. Martin

A Collection of 10 Pep Band Stand Tunes including The Star Spangled Banner, Shut Up And Dance (Walk The Moon), Cheap Thrills (Sia), Raise Your Glass (Pink!), Uptown Funk (Bruno Mars), and more!